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Blue Kool-aide.

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5th July 2003

9:37am: public, public.
Last night was okay.. it wasn't 'great'

I saw an old friend at least.

Happy after-holidays!
Current Mood: nostalgic

4th July 2003

5:23pm: New journal.

I started a new journal. Something a bit diff'. I might still post in this one. Friends only though. Happy 4th, everyone.
3:41pm: Never scene. Always imitated.
2:44pm: Friends only.
I've had to go friends only because of immature people.

add me, I check my friends list often, I will add you.


17th June 2003

9:28am: You'd think in a hundred years, I'd have dusted a little more.

11th June 2003

4:59am: It's harder now then it's ever been.

10th June 2003

8:36pm: Hum de dum.
Whippets, fairy dust, and bears - oh my!
7:22pm: I'm more than bored. I worry.
7:52am: Sigh.
time. Passing.

11th February 2003

12:48pm: Confused
I'm a bit confused.

25th September 2002

3:03pm: New Journal
New Journal.
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